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President of the Republic & Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.
The Vision

The construction of the National Cathedral represents a significant moment in our country's history.

As a deeply religious nation, the Cathedral provides a historic opportunity to put God at the centre of our nation's affairs, and serves as a symbol of our eternal and continuing gratitude to Him for the blessings He continues to shower and bestow on our nation.


Conceptually, the National Cathedral represents a vision of a society which is, firstly, dependent on God, and whose aspirations are captured by the opening words of our National Anthem: God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong!

The National Cathedral gives practical expression to this vision of a society mediated by the Almighty, and represents a sacred space for the nation. The Cathedral, thus, addresses a missing link in our national architecture, i.e.  church for national purposes. It will be an interdenominational house of worship and prayer, and will serve as the venue for formal state occasions of a religious nature, such as the inauguration of Presidents, state funerals, national thanksgiving services, amongst others.

The National Cathedral will be a unifying monument around which to elevate shared conversations on faith and on national transformation. It will also serve as a rallying platform to promote deep national conversations on how, collectively, we can build the progressive and prosperous Ghana we desire.

May the Almighty strengthen and enable us to arise and build to His Glory, and to the edification of our nation and all our people.

President Unveils National Cathedral Designs

A Physical Embodiment of Unity, Harmony and Spirituality

A New Landmark for the Nation

Physical embodiment of unity, harmony and spirituality

Conceived as a physical embodiment of unity, harmony and spirituality, the Ghana National Cathedral will be the nation's ceremonial landmark, Ghana's mother Church, where all denominations are welcomed to gather, worship and celebrate in spiritual accord.


Local Traditions

Keeping a strong link to our culture

A place of inspiration, reflection and common devotion, the National Cathedral will be a rich, authentic celebration of Ghanaian tradition and culture, a metaphor that speaks of the unification of the West African regions, identity and collective Kingship.

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