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Together We Can Arise and Build

Construction has started. Now help us build upward.

Your donation helps us showcase the importance of Africans in the Bible. It helps us honor God, create a monument to religious liberty, and to create an iconic infrastructure for national cohesion.

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Why the National Cathedral of Ghana?

The National Cathedral is a historic project that provides a sacred space and infrastructure for the formal religious activities of the nation, like state funerals and presidential inaugural services. It is this national character that distinguishes it from the other Cathedrals in the country.

We are taking the bold vision of the President for a Sacred National infrastructure, linking it to the path-breaking design of iconic Architect Sir David Adjaye OBE, and organically anchoring these in world-class programs - including Africa’s first Museum of the Bible whose development is supervised by Cary Summers, the founding President of the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC.

We have engaged the very best of Ghana with the very best in the world. The result of the integration of the vision, design, and programming is an iconic infrastructure that provides a sacred space for the nation, attracts pilgrims and tourists, and includes a built-in economic engine for financial sustainability.

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