Welcome to the 

National Cathedral of Ghana

"My House shall be called a House of prayer for all people"

A Spiritual Home for The Nation

Providing a "Great church for national purposes" - the House of the Lord - where Ghanaians of all denominations gather to worship, reflect, celebrate, and mourn.

A Celebration of Religion, Culture and Local Traditions

The Cathedral building draws inspiration from both Christian symbolism and Ghanaian heritage and will be a celebration of religion, culture and local tradition.

A New Landmark For The Nation

Conceived as a physical embodiment of the unity, harmony and spirituality, the Cathedral will be the nation's ceremonial landmark, Ghana's mother Church, where all denominations are welcomed to gather, worship and celebrate in spiritual accord.


A new ceremonial route and landscape will link the Cathedral site to further historical and celebratory landmarks in Accra, including Independence Square, Osu Cemetery, State House and Africa Unity Square.