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Confidence in The National Cathedral Project is Being Restored!

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, a US-based Ghanaian clergy, and the Deputy Financial Secretary of the Council of Ghanaian Pastors and Churches, USA (COGPAC-USA), Bishop Dr. Nana Yaa Agyemang, visited the National Cathedral of Ghana Secretariat. The purpose of the visit was to inquire about the progress of the construction project and suggest ways to move it forward.

The Executive Director of the National Cathedral Project, Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah, provided an update on the progress of the project, including the state of construction. He stressed that beyond its religious and nation-building roles, the vision of the cathedral is to transform Ghana into an African Christian Hub to serve as a pilgrimage and tourist site, with the design of the Cathedral, the Bible Museum, and Biblical Gardens playing central roles in this.

As he put it, "The Bible Museum of Africa will be the largest Museum in the world focusing on the Bible and Africa. Together, the Bible Museum, Biblical Garden, and National Cathedral will serve as a major resource for the whole country and African Christianity." He stressed that the project has been implemented with integrity, and this will continue to be the case

In her remarks, Bishop Dr. Nana Yaa Agyemang indicated that the recent aggressive media engagement by the Board and Secretariat has provided much-needed clarification, exposed numerous falsehoods, and is building back the confidence of US-based Ghanaian church leaders for the National Cathedral Project. She stressed, particularly, the interviews given by the US-based Ghanaian lawyer, Eric Okyere Darko, which have calmed the anxieties of US-based clergy. She, therefore, stressed that "This is, therefore, the moment for aggressive fundraising in the USA for the National Cathedral Project”.

Bishop Dr. Nana Yaa Agyemang suggested that USA fundraising among Ghanaians and Ghanaian churches would greatly benefit from a project manager who would be responsible for traveling to the various US states to mobilize resources for the project. She believes that the implementation of effective fundraising strategies in the USA will gradually spread to other countries with large Ghanaian populations.

Bishop Dr. Nana Yaa Agyemang proposed the holding of a conference in the USA to engage key players, including church leaders from different parts of the USA, to kick off the process of fundraising among Ghanaians in the USA.

Bishop Dr. Nana Yaa Agyemang concluded that the development of the National Cathedral of Ghana and the Bible Museum of Africa is a dream that should come true. The time with Bishop Dr. Yaa Nana Agyemang ended with a visit to the construction site, where she prayed for the project and its leadership.



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